Do your organisational structures and work roles match where you want to go?

At Kate Dempsey & Associates we think of governance, leadership and organisational structures as processes, rather than a policy and procedures manual. We can help you with those too, but after writing the manual, the critical question is what next? We can help you work with the plans you have in place and uncover blockages to effective ongoing action.

launch of a reportLaunch of a report

We know it is one thing to have a policy in place and another to see it enacted. We know having a value statement doesn’t mean values are alive and well in the organisation. We have worked with organisations that have gone down the governance, risk, re-structure route and have become stuck. If you are stuck, we can help. We prefer to work alongside you as you negotiate these complex matters.

We can assist you to put in place, review and evaluate change processes. We tailor our programs to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to involve all key stakeholders in change management 

processes. Our view is that lasting change comes about when key people are part of the decision-making and when everyone knows how the change will affect them. Open communication is the key.

Kate Dempsey and Associates adopts the principles of ethical research as outlined in the NHMRC Guidelines.

Kate Dempsey and Associates conducts research with integrity and demonstrates a commitment to:

  • Searching for knowledge and understanding;
  • Following recognised principles of research conduct;
  • Conducting research honestly; and
  • Disseminating and communicating results, whether favourable or unfavourable, in ways that permit scrutiny and contribute to public knowledge and understanding in accordance with the NHMRC Guidelines.

More than 25 years ago, Kate developed her own guidelines for ethical conduct of research and still abides by them today.

Do you ask yourself: how do we know our program is making a difference? Is it the best use of resources? Will it be re-funded? What is the risk with this program or direction?

Marisa Guerin, consulting associate
Marisa Guerin, consulting associate

Organisations need to know how best to use resources for success. Kate Dempsey & Associates specialises in program evaluation. As a part of our commitment to participatory action learning, we don’t simply evaluate your project or program and hand you a report, we work with you so that educating your staff on program evaluation is a key component of the work.

Our experience is that in the absence of structures, personalities will dominate. Having a plan in place does not guarantee success in organisational life, but it certainly helps to have clear roles, goals and boundaries between staff, Board and stakeholders. We have more than 28 years experience of developing strategic plans and working with organisations to improve and evaluate existing plans.

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Having worked with Kate Dempsey on a number of projects since 1989, I am pleased to recommend her as a consultant who is highly ethical, provides critical input to projects she is involved in and who has been consistent in her ability to provide high quality work on time, every time.

Noelene Duff CEO City of Whitehorse

We have found Kate to be a very practical, outcomes driven person professionally. Kate guides us, but works along side us, by creating working groups for each project we embark on and checking each step or each draft with the whole membership at key points in its development.

Kerry McKusky, Chairperson Victorian TAFE International Inc.

Kate knows and understands how associations should operate. She is extremely knowledgeable of the external requirements of a formal association and works efficiently to ensure it is governed correctly. She is able to identify needs and gaps in knowledge and works hard to transfer her knowledge back to association members. I know she mentors younger or less experienced staff in the work she does.

Danielle Hartridge, Associate Director, Victoria University