Do you sometimes think: How do I get the team to work more effectively? How can I develop my people to take responsibility? How do we get real change happening?

These questions are sometimes best answered by having time out with a trusted advisor. Kate has a PhD in Psychology; she is well qualified to provide individual counselling, mentoring and support to your senior staff and Board members. Sometimes it is good to talk with someone who knows the ropes, can provide practical, non-judgemental support and is not caught up in the issues of your workplace. Executive coaching, supervision and mentoring are useful professional development tools.kate in action 2

Kate can help you to uncover the source of tension, conflict or apathy and suggest ways to overcome them. She offers support to leaders and aspiring leaders. She can work with teams or with individuals. She is a highly experienced facilitator and collaborator. With Kate on your side, you have trusted, honest and confidential support.

Previous work

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I was privileged to have someone as knowledgeable and as experienced as Kate Dempsey for my mentor. She is an open and honest communicator. Kate was not afraid to make alternative suggestions or recommendations in a way that was not invasive.

Bronnie Walsh, Founder, Port Phillip Bicycle User Group

I am a passionate advocate of the values of collaboration above competition. Kate’s work with VTI has promoted such collaboration. I believe Kate has made a distinguished contribution to international education, in particular in promoting the interests of the vocational education sector.

Sue Blundell, Executive Director English Australia