what Kate Dempsey and Associates can do for youBoth as an organisational consultant and academic, Kate is interested in research and analysis of organisational policies and practices that make workplaces more effective without loss of humanity and relationship.

She consults with organisations regarding workplace change, aiming to introduce it in an atmosphere of trust and disclosure and she writes on topics related to values at work, women and leadership, the impact of previous work cultures on the present, group dynamics, collaboration and competition, leadership and the ethos of public service.

In addition, Kate is interested in the nexus between formal education and practical application of learning in workplaces.

For smaller projects, Kate will work with you directly. For larger projects, she has a network of trusted consultants with whom she collaborates regularly. She can form a specialist team to suit your needs.

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Collaborative Working Style

Kate Dempsey & Associates has developed a style of consultancy whereby work is conducted in close conduct with the client. All key stakeholders are involved in the process and an outcome is produced which is practical and achievable for the group when the consultancy is completed.

This approach means costs are kept low, the project generates a high degree of consensus in its development and on-site staff learn new skills throughout. The result is high quality outcomes.

We offer consultation in leadership and management development for organisations, large and small in the government, private and not for profit sectors. We prefer to work with you to develop a project that can provide lasting and meaningful change in your organisation. We do not subscribe to a particular view of management or leadership, but rather work with you to develop your organisation in a way that ensures success for you.

Kate Dempsey & Associates guarantees:

  • Outcomes tailored to your specific needs, timelines and budget
  • Consistent, high quality outcomes
  • Time spent appraising your needs with you for no charge
  • Work directly with your staff to use scarce resources to best effect
  • A multi-disciplinary team brought to the task
  • Competitive rates (paid by the hour, day, week or on completion of the project)

Professional Standards

Kate Dempsey & Associates is committed to the highest ethical standards.

Kate Dempsey & Associates will:

  • Use due care and diligence in performing its consulting role.
  • Disclose any potential conflict of interest to the client.
  • Perform its services in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Provide honest advice at all times.
  • Undertake to maintain regular contact with the client in the course of a project.
  • Undertake to inform the client of any matter which may arise in the course of a project which may change the expected focus or outcome.
  • Maintain confidentiality.

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A terrible legacy: the lingering impact of predecessors on current leaders.

This article uses a case example of a public sector CEO transition to comment on the impact of gender and leadership style on leadership transition in times of organisational reform and upheaval.

"Gender is not an issue": the invisibility of women executives in local government.

In Australia men dominate senior positions in local government, with only 5.1% of CEO positions across Australian local government filled by women and women occupying 10% of senior executive positions across the sector.

Value Judgments
Writing our Values: A Double Edged Sword?

It is commonplace nowadays for businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations to have written statements of values. While this may seem like a good idea, it has a few pitfalls that boards should be aware of.

Article from Board Builder Magazine

Article from Board Builder Magazine

Flyer outlining TAFE and university research reports

Latest report: “It’s never ending, it’s ceaseless, it’s 24/7”

Business leaders speak about what drives them to succeed, their concerns for the future and the legacy they will leave.

Dr Kate Dempsey and Dr Lindsay McMillan OAM

This report is directed primarily to the business leaders of 2015 and beyond. These leaders are facing unprecedented change and challenge. In this current study, forty-nine business leaders were interviewed and sixteen key questions asked of them. The questions ranged from the business leaders’ view of the current business landscape to each leader’s opinion on likely future business trends. The leaders were also asked to reflect on the purpose of business, if business has lost its moral compass and to consider the legacy they will leave as business leaders.

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